His excellent reply: trimming headers (to stop crossposting)

Elijah (elijah@wi.net)
Sat, 16 Nov 1996 22:33:22 +0000

romana@azstarnet.com wrote:
> I have noticed that this issue of crossposting via not trimming
> headers has been around for a long time without solution. As a person
> who does not have much time to spend on newsgroups triming headers is
> more time consuming than I can afford. It is also putting me in the
> position of editor to decide where this post belongs. Who am I to
> judge through the plethera of newsgroups just where this particular
> post should go. Instead of asking the origninal poster (the person
> who is really responsible) not to send certain materials to certain
> newsgroups, people who are merely trying to participate in discussions
> are harrased continually. I am not responsible for deciding what goes
> where, I refuse to be put in the spot of the editor of the newsgroups.
> If you don't like a thread you may delete it or you could also put it
> in your kill file. Let us all try to make the newsgroups a more
> pleasant place to be.

Eli writes:
I suggest that everyone who can understand the above post
take it and paste it in a notepad where everytime they read a post like
below which calls people fuckwits and accuses them of starting the
thread....you can mail their postmaster by merely copying their
address and writing postmaster ahead of it.

examples for the below posts of
Jack Campin as:

and Michael D. Painter as:

> Ah, Jack, it appears that you have not met EJ before.
> This latest appearance is one of the most coherent posts I've seen from
> him. ( No, really)
> He exhibits all the behavior of someone who goes off his meds, gets worse
> and worse, then gets locked up for a few days (when he disappears) and is
> put back on track.
> I said this in jest the first time I ran across him but am beginning to
> believe I was right.

> Jack Campin <jack@purr.demon.co.uk> wrote in article<1942@purr.demon.co.uk>...
> > Eliyehowah <elijah@wi.net> writes:
> > > This is a reply. I have not chosen the header newsgroups this thread is
> > > found in.
> >
> > Yes you have, fuckwit. You can't weasel out of your responsibility by
> > saying "the other guy started it".
> > > I have added alt.religion.christian to share with them
> > I'm sure that group's readers are all *really* grateful. I don't think.
> > Now edit your goddamn headers before continuing this discussion.

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