Re: Hamilton(?)/Price theory

Phillip Bigelow (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 17:29:07 -0800

pete wrote:
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> The example given in the article
> was that if groups lived along a strip of land such as a river bank
> or seashore, it would develop a diffeerent degree of altruism from
> groups which clustered in open savannah.

As far as littoral societies are concerned (gulls, seals, sea lions, sea
there really isn't much evidence of a high degree of altruism in these
(In fact, in gulls, the opposite seems to be the case; ever see a flock
gulls fighting over a piece of bread thrown on the beach? :-)
Surprisingly, though, arboreal birds show a high degree of altruism.

As far as savannah societies are concerned, elephants come to mind as
obvious examples of highly-developed altruistic behavior. There have
multi-volumes written on the social structure, altruism, and group
in elephants by a variety of authors.

And, when you wrote "develop", develop in which way?
Evolution-wise (genetically inherited)?, or, through plastic social
adaption (non-
genetically inherited)? Which one?

Do you have a complete citation for this research?