Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

Roger Dodger (
15 Nov 96 08:54:31 -700

Roger Dodger has this to say about that-
>> I think we would find things like fossil pyramids if they had been
>> built in the Miocene and Pliocene. Remember it is only a couple
>> of million years from the Australopithecenes to the pyramids.

>A delicate vertebrate fossil buried in soft sediment is a lot
>different in terms of survivability than is a 1,000,000
>metric-ton pyramid composed of two-ton blocks 2-3 meters on a side.
>You make the most unusual analogies, sometimes! :-)
> <pb>

A fossil, Thomas, is the remains of a once living ORGANIC creature. The term
means literally "dug up". A pyramid is a man-made object, and therefore is
called an Artifact, not a fossil, since a pyramid has never lived and is not
organic in nature.

Roger Dodger
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