Re: Pre-Neaderthal

Dan Barnes (
Fri, 15 Nov 1996 17:15:34 GMT

I would assume the article is:

Gore, R. (1996) The dawn of humans: Neandertals. National Geographic. 189
(1). 2-35.

I believe a useful ref for the site is:

Stringer, C.B. (1993) 'Secrets of the pit of bones'. Nature. 362. 501-2.

There are a large number of other sites in Europe the majority of
hominids now being classed as Homo heidelbergensis which I don't feel is
quite accurate yet but is better than pre-Neanderthal or archaic Homo
sapien. These sites include Swanscombe, Steinheim, Mauer, Arago,
Petralona, etc. I can't think of a recent paper that covers them all but
you'd get a good impression from the excellent (if outdated esp. on the

Cook, J., Stringer, C.B., Currant, A., Schwarcz, H.P. & Wintle, A.G.
(1982) 'A review of the chronology of the European Middle Pleistocene
record'. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology. 25. 19-65.