The PIU Present: An Alternative History of the Luxembourgian People

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15 Nov 1996 07:07:20 GMT

My friends, it now must be revealed that the People's International
University will be publishing for the first time "An Alternative
History of Luxembourg" in six languages. This book will chronicle the
untold history of this small yet historic nation state situated in the
heart of Europe. The cost of the book will be US $29.95 and it is set
for publication sometime in June or July of next year. It will be
available in North America, Europe, the former Soviet Union, and Japan.

The authors of this book, Professors Rikaard ben-Honrath Gruen and
Antonio Gomez Muzcreidt, have been researching the heretofore uncovered
facts about exactly who the Luxembourgian people are, and from where
they originate.

It will also describe in detail the distant history of the
Luxembourgian people, and how they preserved their ancient customs from
the Copper Age, through the millenia. The book will place a special
emphasis on the origins of the Luxembourgian language, the original
Luxembourgian religion (Tuskualdiak), and well-known but rarely
described traditions such as the Sun Festival and the initiation rites
of the Order of Fire and Copper, which are held in the famous Pit of
Nagahhaon every year at the Vernal Equinox.


"Every year at this time, the new initiates assemble at midnight in the
Pit of Nagahhaon, below the high escarpment of at-Danhoa. Generally
there are fourteen of them. They wear only loincloths and their
bodies are smeared with the blood of fowl. This practice was known as
'kotmaxa'. It was a way of appealing to the Sun God, the God of Fire
and Copper, 'I am not worthy of your wisdom, oh Great One, but allow
your fire and the fires of all the gods to descend upon my spirit at
sunrise!' This is the prayer the initiates chant into the dawn, as
they wave their copper-tipped spears and await the rising sun. 'Ka
figuniak poxaimai, rutka O Tuskualdo, jinas vatkfaro max'plaa tuskuaras
kazo, liatka Imangoak!' As they are chanting, the High Priests,
dressed in their indigo robes, look down from the parapet above."

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