Tony (olskool@ix.netcom.com)
15 Nov 1996 05:46:15 GMT

My friends, it now must be revealed that the People's International
University plans to set up an office in the capital city of Luxembourg
(Nova Chalconia).

This is the city that we have re-named HAKUNGOAK, the name given to it
by its ancient paleo-Sakartveloi inhabitants.

In order to accomplish this undertaking, we need to find recruits who
will act as our advance team in Nova Chalconia, to educate the masses
of the country about the coming changes that we plan. Soon,
representatives of the P.I.U. will arrange meetings with members of the
Luxembourgian Parliament and the Great House of Irradiak (the
Luxembourgian royal family) to inform them of the popular support we
have created for these and other changes.

All references to the word "Luxembourg" or "Letzebuerg" are to be
eliminated and erased, in favor of the following options:

1) Nova Chalconia
2) The Regency of Nova Chalconia
3) The former Duchy of Luxembourg
4) The former Luxembourg

Options 3 and 4 will be used as alternatives to 1 and 2, for the
purposes of educating the public, during the next two (2) years.
After that, all references to "Luxembourg" will be phased out. The
term "the Neo-Letzisch Empire" may be used as a descriptive
alternative, but not as an official reference. (N.b., under
our plan, the term "Duchy" drops out in favor of the more generic
"Regency", until such time as Chalconia once again becomes a true

Our purposes for this suggested change of Luxembourg's name relate to
our desire to educate the world public about the origins of the country
during the Copper Age (it should be noted that the paleo-Sakartveloi
name for Luxembourg was in fact "Tuskualduna" (or "Izkappialgut
Tuskualdo"), which we have translated into a more modern form,
"Chalconia"; the meaning remains the same: "land of copper".)

Please e-mail us here at the People's International University if you
are interested in assisting with this project, or if you know of any
other Luxembourgians who might be interested in advancing this cause.

Lupank tioraiki! (Many thanks!)

Antonio Gomez Muzcreidt
Professor of History
People's International University