Re: Race

Rohinton Collins (
13 Nov 1996 23:35:02 GMT

Why do so many people have this fixation with testosterone? It is simply a
hormone released by the gametes in males with regulates maleness - the
expression of male characteristics, no more. (Okay it's probably a little
more complicated than this). In females their corresponding hormone is
oestrogen and another which I can't remember the name of.

Where did this testosterone fixation originate?

Oh, and James, if you know nothing about genetics and the human genome I
suggest you do some reading before you send any more posts.



James Howard <> wrote in article
> Since the human genome is, essentially, shared by all, I suggest the
> in race result from differences in gene expression. I suggest
testosterone is
> the molecule that causes major differences in gene expression, that
result in
> the differences described as "race." Humans and chimpanzees exhibit
> differences in testosterone; human "races" exhibit major differences in
> testosterone. Changes in testosterone, along with only slight
differences in
> genes, will produce the appearance of different species of hominids over
> James Howard