Re: Flynn Effect ...yes, testosterone
13 Nov 1996 17:23:28 GMT

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>>Very eloquent racism. It appears that those with racist opinions
>>(e.g. The Bell Curve) will stop at nothing to pursue their agenda.

I have just come to the profound conclusion that the only way a
can qualify as a "racist" is to have a different amount of malanin in
their skin than
yourself. Why does David Duke call Rev. Farakahn a racist? Or vice-versa ?
If you could melt them down, mix them, and pour new molds, they would
still sound the same. Except they would get together and pick on someone
who was a different shade from them.

That "BellCurve" thing was rediculous. What was found was a
so small that if the study were done over the result could have just as
well have
been on the other side of the curve. But it was immediately loudly jumped
as "racist" by anybody with an axe to grind. And blown completely out of
proportion by the only people who had anything to gain. The TV networks.
If it
had not been for CBS etc; the scientific community would have ignored it
it would have died a quiet death.

Older. But wiser ?