Re: so H sapiens evolved from H. erectus?

Dan Barnes (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 18:39:01 GMT

daniel hwang wrote:
> so from what i understand,
> carleton coon argued that H. erectus pekinesis.
> had 20 or so sketetal features that are very similiar to modern
> H. sapien sapien of the mongoloid branch.
> could modern east asians be a H. sapien/H. erectus hybrid?
> how do you account for this, convergent evolution?
> or was coon wrong?
> --These features were defined first by Weidenreich in the 30's. This
continuity of a suite of features is still a part of the Multiregional
theory of evolution. The features are claimed to demonstrate erectus
ancestry not crossbreeding.
'Is Coon wrong?' is another thing. Lahr has recently done work to
disprove the claimed link between modern Australians and the Javanese
late archaic Homo sapiens (particularily Ngandong). If these claims hold
up (and it looks like they do) then such links (the East Asian evidence
has previously made people e.g. Brauer, Ailleo, etc. concede some kind of
crossbreeding between incoming AMHs and the resident archaic H.s.) may be
negated. This variety of study is casting severe doubt on
multiregionalism and may even eventually prove that no crossbreeding