Re: Indus Valley and Khyber Pass

Bob Keeter (
12 Nov 1996 05:14:41 GMT wrote:
>What is known about the inhabitants of the area from the Indus Valley
>and the Khyber Pass in about 8.000 bc?
>I can find no informaiton relating to this region at this time period.
>Was the region subjected to massive floods? Any information would be
>very helpful. Thank you.

As for info, I'd suggest some surfing and look for postings from a
Dr. Ian C. Glover from the University College, London, UK. I believe
that he has written several articles on the precursors to the Harrapan

As for the floods, this whole area is nothing more than a river flood
plain. By definition, massive floods would probably be more the
rule than the exception.