Re: so H sapiens evolved from H. erectus?

Gerrit Hanenburg (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 22:13:03 GMT

Dan Barnes <> wrote:

>Lahr has recently done work to disprove the claimed link between modern
>Australians and the Javanese >late archaic Homo sapiens (particularily Ngandong).
>If these claims hold up (and it looks like they do) then such links (the East Asian evidence
>has previously made people e.g. Brauer, Ailleo, etc. concede some kind of
>crossbreeding between incoming AMHs and the resident archaic H.s.) may be
>negated. This variety of study is casting severe doubt on
>multiregionalism and may even eventually prove that no crossbreeding

For those who are interested:Lahr published the results of her work in
the book "The Evolution of Modern Human Diversity:a study of cranial
variation",Cambridge University Press,1996, 460pp.

See also Daniel E.Lieberman's article "Testing Hypotheses about Recent
Human Evolution from Skulls:Integrating Morphology,Function,
Development,and Phylogeny" in Current Anthropology (1995),
vol 36,nr.2:159-197.
This article provides a critique of the 33 characters most often used
to support hypotheses of recent human evolution. The conclusion is
that the majority do not satisfy three essential criteria;being
homologous,derived,and observable for all taxa.
Of those characters that do satify these criteria,more support the
recent-African-origin hypothesis than the multiregional-origin