Re: Modern Neanderthals?
12 Nov 1996 05:16:34 GMT

In article <565pps$>, Jonathan Adams <jonathan>

Are we talking now of hybrid vigour in North America
>or selective migration of 'better' individuals to North America? Either
>I'm sorry but I simply don't see any evidence for higher intelligence
>the general American population. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe I
>recently that PER HEAD of the population, several European countries each
>exceed America in terms of the number of Nobel Prizes won.
> Are we also talking about physical prowess? Again I hope you'll
>if I'm wrong, I believe that at the Atlanta Olympics France and Germany
>won far more golds PER HEAD of the population than America did.
> writes :
Read again. I rejected "hybrid vigour" in favor of "selective
Melding of the arrived population and further selective migration Again
and again.

Selecting a few Nobel Laureats or a few Olymphic Medalists says
whatever about the population as a whole. Just as picking a couple Blue
country fair winners would say nothing about the total milk production of
a dairy
herd. I was writing about the total population of this country. And I was
talking about the other imigrants; blacks , orientals, hispanics, and
native americans
(did I miss anybody?) who have contributed their part to the Great
Experiment ?

I can think of no other country anywhere who has taken a "
howling wilderness" and turned it into the most productive nation on earth
in two hundred years. I hasten to admit that Canada and Australia would
have if they had as much usable area as the U.S.. South Africa may have
but they got a later start. Several countries in South
America ( Brazil, Argentina, and probably Columbia) might well have too.
They just never got the advantage of a continuing emigration.

Show me another country that can gear up in short order, furnish
food and arms
for our allies and ourselves, and fight two different wars at the same
time .
(Pacific and Europe) And as soon as the war was over supply the
equivilance of
another war to rebuild not only our Allies but the ex-enemy too. Then to
to survive over two generations of trade deficites. And to maintain a
standard of
living as high as any in the world.

Older. But wiser ?