Re: Modern Neanderthals?
11 Nov 1996 04:11:50 GMT

W.F. Van Houten wrote:

>From the very first days the people who came to the
shores of this country were the adventurous, more dissatisfied, and more
intelligent ones from Europe. Even the ones who were "transported" as
convicts were probably, on the whole more vigerous and intelligent than
average. The selection process continued as our population expanded to the
west. The more vigerous and restless leaving the contented behind. Even
after our nation had expanded to it's present limits we have had wave
after wave of immigrants to furnish fresh blood. Nowhere in the world
today will you find a total population that is more inventive, vigerous,
hard working, and optimistic than in the U.S. of A.

Wow! Another romantic, I see! I might buy adventurous and
dissatisfied, but intelligent? Didn't the people who did well in school
stay in Europe, where they had better futures? There is probably also a
cultural "hybrid vigor" advantage. We have so many different ideas of
right and wrong in this country that we can change mores and laws fast,
and if they don't work, change them back again.