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Sun, 10 Nov 1996 21:41:23 GMT

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Duncan R. MacMillan <> wrote:
> Ryan Moron wrote:
>> So...the ills of the entire world are the fault of liberals,
>> non-whites, and people with too little testosterone...boy, is that ever
>> conveinent. There's just one little flaw in that particular rant - it
>> isn't backed up by something that's kind of important - PROOF!
> Proof? it's called The News, bub, THE NEWS. It's big, off campus.
>Really, REALLY, *BIG*. Networks devote whole programmes to it. Why not try
> There's `newspapers' too, where what people say is printed underneath
>their picture, not in bubbles coming out their mouths. Ask around.

If I understand you correctly, newspapers all over the planet are
screaming Racial Truth, but we are all too blind to see it? Do last week's
crop reports constitute proof that whites are the Master Race, with just
the ideal balance of neurochemistry and testosterone? I suppose they do to
a racist fanatic, but to a racist fanatic, _anything_ constitutes proof of
his or her superiority, even the fact that 2+2=4. If, however, such a
racist fanatic wanted to convince someone else, he or she *might* try
being a teeny bit more specific, by citing an actual piece of real
information instead of just waving his hands and ranting about "the news".
Or else he might shut his yap until he has something useful to say.

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