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William Wilson (
Sun, 10 Nov 1996 08:00:14 -0600

Tim Patterson wrote:
> Duncan R. MacMillan wrote:
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>>So violent are the passions stirring within my breast that I am scarce
>>able to control the tremor in my fingers sufficiently to type this:
>>are you objecting to *DIVERSITY*, Toots?
> >
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> > D. MacMillan
> > Macshocked.
> Well, Dunky, I see it this way. Having a wide genetic diversity
> is a good thing as it keeps the gene pool strong and healthy.
> However, if you end up isolating just certain parts of this
> gene pool, we lose this strength and end up with mentally
> deficient inbreds such as yourself. :)

Hello Tim,
Hope you'll excuse me if I interject a few points here.
I see the little smiley face at the end of your posting and maybe
what you mean by that is that you're just having a bit of fun with
you post. If that's true then, well, go right ahead. But if you're
perchance being serious, then maybe we should try and clarify the
logic used in your statement.
You've made two points which are made on this newsgroup time
and time again (that's why I'm posting--I'm not just trying to pick
on you Tim). One, genetic diversity promotes gene pool strength and
two, a lack of genetic diversity leads to a weakened gene pool.
And surprise, surprise both of these statements are TRUE.
But (and here comes the qualifier) they are not absolutely true. So
while whites may stand to gain from a certain amount of admixture (let's
face it, nobody's perfect) this is not absolutely so. Diseases and
disorders such as cancer, sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, coronary heart
disease, Gilbert's Syndrome, diabetes mellitus, Crigler-Najjar Syndrome,
peptic ulcer disease, schizophrenia, Dubin-Johnson Hyperbilirubinemia,
cystic fibrosis, phenylketonuria, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, cerebral
palsy, Down syndrome, color blindness, alcoholism, and many, many more
have been linked with specific genetic traits (that is, passed from
parent to child) and surely no one would argue that these are beneficial
traits to strengthen the gene pool. So now we can agree on this, that
genetic diversity for the sake of genetic diversity is not necessarily
So what we find is a new argument, are deficient chromosomal
abnormalities destroyed/drowned by admixture or are they spread by
admixture? To a degree, both. But random couplings are not the
solution to the world's genetic woes. Of course neither is genocide.
So what is the solution?
The solution is to elevate the level of discussion on these
groups from juvenile name-calling to a thoughtful debate of ideas.
Are racists totally wrong or are they partially right? One thing for
sure is that their ideas (no matter how you perceive them) will not
be disqualified by calling them Nazis, rednecks, mentally deficient
inbreds, or whatever. At the same time, racists will never succeed
getting their ideas accepted by passing them off on the backs of such
terms as nigger, kike, spic or whatever.
So, there you are.
Now you can smile. :)

And remember, friends don't let friends drink and post to newsgroups!
Wm. Wilson