Re: Life explained

Mon, 11 Nov 96 14:19:59 GMT

In article <> "Tim Patterson" writes:

> Well, Dunky, I see it this way. Having a wide genetic diversity
> is a good thing as it keeps the gene pool strong and healthy.
> However, if you end up isolating just certain parts of this
> gene pool, we lose this strength and end up with mentally
> deficient inbreds such as yourself. :)

So much for genetics and humour. Let's see now, PC also brings us
award-winning "writers", quota nigger "professoes" of Hole In Yo' Ass Studies,
bankrupt economies, barbarism running wild in the streets, gulags... but it's
great for picking up chicks, right? especially those wanting citizenship.

D. MacMillan
a.p.n.w. Social Studies Dept.