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9 Nov 1996 12:42:47 -0800

In article <55kssb$>, (Ed Conrad) wrote:
> (Scott Begg) wrote:
>> (Theodore A. Holden) wrote:
>>>The www page I maintain for Ed Conrad's materials at:
>>>now contains a couple of good photos of the skull embedded in
>>>the boulder. The second photo (juxtaposed with a laboratory-grade
>>>skull) is particularly interesting.
>>>Ted Holden
>> At last! The Great Ted and Ed together at last--and in glorious
>> technicolor, to boot!
>> So, I look at the infamous Carboniferous Hominid (sic) fossils, and
>> other such pictures at the web site... Hmm...
>> (snip)
>> Did anyone ever consider the possiblity of a "coincidence"...
>> You know, there are pieces of driftwood that look remarkably
>> like human faces, too...
>CAN'T be a coincidence, Scott, since granules removed
>from the rind and examined microscopically reveal the Haversian
>canals -- the telltale sign of bone after it has undergone the
>petrification process.

Too bad they aren't there.

>Rather amazing, too, is that, while the boulder itself is solid,
>the human skull-like protrusion emits a hollow sound when

Hahahahahaha! What more proof that Ed is clinically lost it.?

>Kindly put this in your smoke and pipe it!

You smoke more than Cheech and Chong ever did.

Go away Ed, we're interested in science.
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