Re: An alternative to ST and AAT

pete (VINCENT@erich.Triumf.CA)
8 Nov 1996 21:17:45 GMT

Rohinton Collins ( sez:
`Gerrit Hanenburg <> wrote in article
`> "Abigail Quart" <> wrote:
`> >Has nobody in this distinguished group read Elaine Morgan's "The Descent
`> >of Woman"? It deals beautifully with bipedalism, hairlessness, and
`> >subcutaneous body fat. The only place it fails is in the problem of
`> >water.
`> Ahem........apparently you're quite new to this group.
`> Gerrit

`Sorry, please explain Gerrit. Is this not a book worth reading?

I think the best thing to do here is to recommend Roh and Abigail
to check the s.a.p. archives, paying special attention to threads
with keywords "aquatic", "AAT", "AAH", and postings by Elaine
Morgan ( Others will point you to various
web pages which hold screeds trumpeting the various entrenched
positions held in The Great War of S.A.P.

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