Diet supplyng on Paleolithic Age

X.Martin-Dupont (
Fri, 8 Nov 1996 04:17:59 +0100

[Soory for my rusty english ;-)]

I'have actually a flaming argument with a Nut's who boast the virtue of
a swindle medical treatment called in french "intinctotherapy" which is
supposed to cure any kind of desease even the most serious one's as
AIDS, Cancer...

So What is the recipe of the health according this bunch of lunatic's.

1 ) Following your instinct when you're eating...So your supposed eating
anything your want even the same thing repeatively ad nauseam but Most

2) You must consume the food on their original form : raw without any
form of cooking device (mixing, crushing, seasoning, cooking)...

Now one of the main argument of the autor of the theory (called c.
Burger :-)) is that our ancestor consumed their food's in a raw
form...and bacause of that point our genetic endowment is only able to
"process" raw data feed's format and can't process thus which have been
altered by a cooking process...

So here's my point I know that fire is appeared approximatively 50000 bc
and that during this period our ancestor's evolved athrought three
"species" Neanderthal Sapiens archaic's Sapiens Sapiens. So Neanderthal
knowed fire and it's use (cooking for example)...

Have we any evidence that ours ancestor consume their food in a raw form
than in a cooking one.

What kind allimentary supplied did their followed.

What kind of informations did we have about their life expentancy and
have we any informations about their deseases.

Have we any information that point out a fall of life expentancy
correlated with a enhancement of techenical of cooking (including
cookery smoking and so on)...

All informations and biographical data's are welcome. Just send me also
an email reply because my newsfeed is quite capricious.


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