Re: Life explained

Fri, 08 Nov 96 19:39:42 GMT

In article <> "Karen
Tellefsen" writes:

> Excuse me, but pro-white bigotry is not wanted on sci.anthropology.paleo,
> soc.culture.latin-america,miami.general,misc.writing, or rec.arts.poems,
> where the hordes of posters have no liking of it. Please leave it on
> alt.politics.nationalism.white where it belongs. Please don't cross
> post this information to irrelevent newgroups; if anyone wants to read
> pro-white information, they can look in the appropriate newsgroup.
> If you must crosspost to rec.arts.poems, at least post racist doggerel
> with playful language and not pseudo-scientific opinions in prose.

So violent are the passions stirring within my breast that I am scarce
able to control the tremor in my fingers sufficiently to type this: are you
objecting to *DIVERSITY*, Toots?

D. MacMillan