Re: so H sapiens evolved from H. erectus?

Susan S. Chin (
Thu, 7 Nov 1996 03:26:58 GMT

daniel hwang ( wrote:

: given our extreme similarity to the Chimpanzee, i wouldn't be surprised

: if we are fully interfertile with H. erectus.

: daniel

By extreme similarity to the Chimpanzee, you mean in terms of % DNA
shared between H.s.s. and Chimps, I assume? I'm not sure what that has to
do with Homo erectus and our species, Homo sapiens sapiens,' possible
ability to interbreed successfully ... so what is the point?

Homo erectus and Homo sapiens are obviously two separate species, if not
always distinctly so (archaic H.s. vs. late H.erectus) But the two
species are separated not only morphologically, but in most instances
aside from that just mentioned (the parenthetical example cited above)
the two species are separated by *time* as well. That in itself is an
isolating mechanism, which as far as I'm aware, constitutes basis for
calling them distinct species.

Woops, sorry for going off on a tangent there. Whether Homo erectus and a
modern human can interbreed successfully were such a thing possible makes
for interesting speculation, but will molecular and genetic studies ever
be able to determine if that is a possibility? If not, then I don't see a
point to wondering... Even if the two species are interfertile, the time
element makes them 2 different species. So I don't know why it would even
be a concern. My semi-informed opinion anyway.