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4 Nov 1996 17:27:58 -0500

BWAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Damn, is anyone going to send this to best-of?
Now I remember why I don't have this clown in my killfile!
-dave ("Duncan R. MacMillan") writes:

> In article <> "D. Robert Hamm"
>sliced it good and thick when he wrote:

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>> Peace!

> Sick-making, eh? the only way to face down Oneness bigotry like this
>is to keep an open mind and hit back with some hard data.
> Democracy (like almost everything else) is "a White thing" and,
>contrary to what Libruls would have us believe, most Whites don't want it
>destroyed (like everything else) by hordes of Brown immigrants, who have no
>history and no understanding of it.
> The neurochemical basis for Whites' unique ability to sustain the
>ongoing revolution of "progress", both social and technological, over several
>millennia, is, I believe, due to just the right amount of testosterone.
> Empirical evidence, from three continents and 6,000 years of recorded
>history, shows the Negro incapable of sustaining a technological society under
>the rule of law, because of too little intelligence and too much testosterone.
> Asiatics, with their superior intelligence, have been building
>technological civilisations for almost as long as Whites, but too little
>testosterone means that they lack the oomph to establish the notion of the
>individual, leading to despotism and stagnation. (In addition, Asiatics'
>impoverished sensory system brutalises their behaviour and limits their
>intelligence largely to the nerdy and uncreative sort, but that's another
> So, there you have it.

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