Re: Speciation - how do you know?

Rohinton Collins (
4 Nov 1996 11:29:45 GMT

Mr Cutler, this should have been directed at the original post. My comment
to that post was that I could only remember learning about one primate that
washes its food (separates rice from sand) and that was the macaque of
Japan. I originally thought it was the rhesus monkey, but was later



CCutler875 <> wrote in article
> Mr. Collins,
> Not all primates can learn to wash food. For example the Mountain
> Gorilla is so deathly afraid of water that a river is the only thing that
> seperates the highland gorilla from the lowland gorilla. They are too
> afriad to cross the water to interbreed. Not even the lure of sex gets
> them wet!