Re: Flynn Effect ...yes, testosterone

Rohinton Collins (
3 Nov 1996 23:16:56 GMT

James Howard <> wrote in article

> I have suggested in past letters to this paper that testosterone
> is rising in this society. ...... This
> will be seen, on aveage, as a decline in reading ability and an increase
> in math abilities. In areas where testosterone is very high, reading and
> math scores should both decline. The thing that worries me most is that
> one of my references points out that 'the left hemisphere also seems to
> be the seat of analytical thinking...' According to the National
> Assessment of Educational Progress, we may be seeing a real, and in
> some areas already significant, decline in functions of the left
> hemisphere."
> James Howard

Blah, blah, blah. The main cause of sub-standard intelligence in the USA
(that is where you come from?) is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, not rising
testosterone levels (!!!! what's the smilie for exasperation?). Can you
please stop re-posting this nonsense.