Re: Life explained

Robert Maughan (
Tue, 5 Nov 1996 00:21:14 +0000

In article <>, "\"Duncan R. MacMillan\""
a White With Attitude writes

> Sick-making, eh? the only way to face down Oneness bigotry like this
>is to keep an open mind and hit back with some hard data.

Whites With Attitude ..whites with attitude let me see, your
attitude is that you hate black people the most, Asians less so and
everyone else in inverse proportion relative to the colour of their
skin in comparison with yours?

The colour of your skin is what gives you, I mean you personally, a
superiority over these other people I assume? So you are saying that
white people all, like you, count their brain cells in units and are as
ignorant, as intellectually vapid and as frightened as you? If I under-
stand correctly, you, I mean you personally, are a better human being
therefore than anyone who isn't a white with attitude. Whites without
attitude are in a quandary I should think and even now writing to you
for guidance in their daily lives which you will be able to provide I'm
sure; no doubt you will rub your two brain cells together and spark a
fire in their minds.

Perhaps you would be good enough to give us all the benefit of your
original thinking in this forum in the form of, say, a narrative epic
or better still your unique humour might be displayed in a few lines of
comic verse. Remember to keep out of the sun in the meantime won't you?
We are so lucky over here in the U.K. don't you think? None of that
dreadful sunshine to trouble our complexions and even someone like me,
with all my impurities going back a hundred years or so, can pretend to
be a white with attitude sporting just a hint of an expensive suntan.

Robert Maughan