Re: * makes hubey

Phillip Bigelow (
28 Nov 1995 13:07:26 -0800

> The associate professor of computer science at Montclair college,
Mark Hubey (, proclaimed:

>>Now, what exactly is all this shit about evolution not
>>having a direction?

It does have a direction, Mark. You have certainly taken
evolution right into the toilet.

>>I want a public apology from all those who've been pestering
>>me over this and an admission that they do not or did not
>>understand what evolution is about. I think their diplomas
>>should be taken away for incompetence.

I am so sorry, Mark. I do not understand what evolution is about. I
agree that my diplomas should be taken away from me. I am sending you my
diplomas for you to ritualistically sacrifice during one of your computer
science department faculty meetings. Please use plenty of Sterno, as the
paper is of good quality stock. Do not stand to close to the flames, as the
fire will be exceptionally bright. When the fire is finally out, have
a priest (or possibly your psychiatrist) do an exorcism on the ashes, as
there is a strong likelyhood that those un-educated opinions will live on
unless dealt with decisively.
Sorry for taking up bandwidth on this, but this one was too good to pass up.
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