Re: The UCL meeting, and PV Tobias" apology" to Morgan...

Phillip Bigelow (
28 Nov 1995 13:48:57 -0800

Elaine Morgan <> writes:

>However something certainly happened. It seemed to me that an eye-witness
>account was worth posting, to avoid the possibility that this statement
>might otherwise be given the same treatment as Hardy's original
>suggestion i.e. total silence and the pretence that nothing has occurred.

The reason for total silence is more of a reflection of the pro-AAT people's
failure to publish their theories in critically-peer-reviewed
anthropological journals, where science is conducted, discussed, and
advanced. Like it or not, Elaine...those are the harsh rules.

>Nothing has appeared in the scientific press as far as I have seen,
>although it would seem to be newsworthy enough to deserve a paragraph
>somewhere or other.

When you publish a comprehensive discussion of all aspects of the theory
in a critically-reviewed anthropological journal, that is when you will see
a paragraph in _Science News_. Until then, don't expect that the Q&A
session of a technical talk to warrant the fanfare you feel you deserve.