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H. M. Hubey (
27 Nov 1995 22:21:51 -0500 (Bill Burnett) writes:

>>That is the direction of evolution.

>That is THE direction of evolution?

IF those are the equations for evolution of genes, and all living
things are determined by their genes, how is it possible then for these
equations of evolution to have any other instantaneous velocity and

Surely you don't have a problem with the general idea that what the
theoretical biologists and geneticists have been doing all along
is OK?

Or are you disagreeing with them?

Which is it?

>single randomly reproducing group of life forms with no barriers to the
>transmission of genetic material between them) in every kingdom? (can I have

That's the next step. Obviously this flow in this space is not
homogeneous either in density or in direction, if we did have
mind to model "ALL" living things in the same set of equations which
we are imagining.

Any problems so far?

If we did want to model "ALL" living things in this space, obviously
the flow is going to look like it's clumped or clustered.

Guess what these clusters represent :-)..

>If so, how did we get here so much faster than the slugs? I know,
>it's because they move so slowly :).

See above.

>Does this mean you admit you don't know what the direction of evolution is?
>I'm so disappointed. What happened to our rocket ships?

Cheap shots again? Why?

Where did I say that I was not aware of the random/stochastic
component? Where did I give any hint that I was not aware of
the environmental effects.?

Where did I even give a hint that I knew exactly what these
equations were or that I solved them? Where?

Why are you imagining things?

Is there a straw-man in your fortune cookie today?

>The dead ones are spinning in their graves at your assertions.

>I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type... Us? Apologise to you? When I start
>making breathtaking assertions in _your_ field I'll consider apologising.

Read above and tell me which of the dead ones are spinning in
which direction :-)...

I find the models of Kimura a match for the earlier results. YOu can
find it in Kojima's book (maybe even in Roughgarden's book). I don't
have them with me and I have better things to do then to read them
over and over again.

Which part is it of those results derived by those people in
the books that I mentioned do you have problems with? I'll
be happy to look at the sections to see if I've misrepresented
them. Now, that sounds fair to me.


Regards, Mark