Re: * makes hubey

Ralph L Holloway (
Sun, 26 Nov 1995 23:07:55 -0500

On 26 Nov 1995, H. M. Hubey wrote:

> Why don't you also look back a few hundred years and tell us
> how many liberal democracies existed then.
> Why don't you look back ten years and tell us what it was
> like in eastern Europe.
> How about looking back about 60 years...

None of this evolution, Hubey, it is simply change, and it remains to see
where it goes over any span of time with evolutionary significance. You
really got the hots for the human species, right? Providing its in the
right political system, right?

> Holloway, you'll never go beyond collecting and categorizing
> in the simplest way possible.
> Maybe if you try real hard you might manage to measure things
> with rulers but don't try for more sophisticated concepts
> like radius of curvature or hierarchical putting together
> of parts.
> I was thinking of looking for your articles but I think
> it would be a waste of time.

Aw, shucks, Hubey, I was hoping you would read something, not necessarily
mine, but something...>

> Holloway, the reason you find it impossible to understand
> anything is your ignorance of possibilities of various
> kinds of organizations and structures. YOu haven't gone
> beyond Aristotle. Shame, it was 2 thousand years ago.

Oh, I know a fair amount about my ignorance, Hubey, but its yours that
I'm questioning. You've got the Scalae Natura so rattling in your brain
you can't even begin to understand the dynamism of interactions during
biological evolution of the plant and animal worlds, without pissing in
the wind.

> It's too bad you flew in out of nowhere. I thought you had
> disappeared already. It looks like I stepped on your tail with
> some post. I think people like you don't even understand what
> evolution is; it's obvious you have no idea what science is
> I'm growing more and more tired of this every day.

I didn't fly in from nowhere, Hubey, I've been reading your crapo
pseudoscience all along, and no, you haven't stepped on my toes, because
thank Christ you haven't read or understood anything I've ever said.
But I am glad to hear that you growing more and more tired of this every
day.We do have a lot in common on that score. Now, at some point, instead
of trying to snow us with your sarcasm and grandiose self-esteem, why not
post something useful for a change, instead of a mishmash of very old
ideas about intelligence and evolution?
Ralph Holloway