geological events-AAT

Loyd Manley (
Sun, 26 Nov 95 21:53:57 GMT

It certainly seems fitting to post in response to the AAT posts but I will not
at this point though I am concerned about a related point.

Can anyone direct me to some source material (or just tell me-and cite your
source) what geologic events were occuring on the continents of Africa and
Asia (eastern) with regards to climate and movement of water masses around the
time -7.7 million years to -6.3 million years, e.g. million years ago. I am
particularly interested in a region called Danakil Horst and regions of the
Yellow River Valley, China. I am interested in both fresh water AND salt water
movements in the above mentioned time frame. Also, any coincidental info
anyone might have on the suspected habitat regions of the Pan Troglodyte
precursor for the same time frame would also be greatly appreciated.

As you might suspect I have already examined some of the evidence regarding
this but I am looking for more-especially evidence from the geological
sciences and NOT paleo-anthropology. (I am posting with geology as well).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Loyd Manley- University of Georgia Dept. of Neuroscience