Re: Neotony was Re: god makes hubey

26 Nov 1995 01:10:04 GMT

I'm new to the internet so please forgive any errors I may make, but I
wanted to comment on this subject.

Mark, you remind me of a believer in Creationism trying to preserve some
aspect of his belief when confronted by the evidence of Evolution.
I'm not even sure what it is you are arguing for anymore. You seem to
be saying that there is an All Knowing Force out there that has a
specific adgenda when it comes to the evolution of life on Earth which
is "prophesised" by the physical characteristics of human babies? Not
only does this sound suspiciously like Capurnican Theory ( man and earth
are the center of the universe) it is also contrary to the whole idea of
what evolution is. It is my understanding (and I'm still a student, so
I know that my understanding is imperfect) that the porpose of evolution
is to increase the chances of survival, and the procreation, of a
species, not that the survival and procreation of a species are wanted
to achieve a specific evolutionary goal. Like ----- said "if this was
the purpose then why, given 3.5 billion years, hasn't it happened yet",
since you seem to be saying that we, Homo Sapiens', are not that
goal-which is the only point of yours that I agree with.

This kind of theory makes me want to speculate about human
evolution in the future....but I won't, because I cannot even try to
predict the next curveball that nature will throw at us. Evolution is a
toss of the dice with the right numbers surviving to throw the dice
again, I would need some definite PROOF of "God" to believe your theory,
and the Bible ain't it.