Re: Specification for theories on human evolution

J. Moore (
Sat, 25 Nov 95 16:39:00 -0500

PC> Sleeping in trees is not a human behaviour. No tribe anywhere
PC> is reputed to do it. There's a complete absence of any relevant
PC> instinctive behaviour. It's safe to conclude that homo erectus
PC> - with a very similar morphology was the same. How did it spend
PC> the night?

You are again, as in a post of yours I just replied to, suggesting
that the earliest transitional hominids were just like us; that
there has been no evolutionary change between then and now. We
know -- know for absolute sure -- that this is not the case. Your
central thesis is incorrect, and frankly, any kid with a modicum
of interest in "cavemen" would know this. You really need to get
to a library. Really really badly.

Jim Moore (

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