Re: The UCL meeting, and PV Tobias" apology" to Morgan...

Elaine Morgan (
Thu, 23 Nov 1995 12:00:44 GMT

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> I saw Dr. Morgan's post on this, but it was (and is) unclear to me why
> this apology was issued. Was he saying there is now supporting
> for AAT or just that there is more uncertainty now about the true
> so no theory should be dismissed, or what? It would be more helpful to
> have a transcript of Tobias' words than an excerpt from someone's
> mail.
> Caroline Cooper
> I agree. I have asked whether anyone taped it, but as yet have foun d
no-one who did. I think Chris made it clear that Tobias was not claiming
there is supporting evidence for AAT.

However something certainly happened. It seemed to me that an eye-witness
account was worth posting, to avoid the possibility that this statement
might otherwise be given the same treatment as Hardy's original
suggestion i.e. total silence and the pretence that nothing has occurred.
Nothing has appeared in the scientific press as far as I have seen,
although it would seem to be newsworthy enough to deserve a paragraph
somewhere or other.

It is significant because so much of the anti-AAH argument consists of
the endlessly repeated claim that only ignorant laymen (or specialists in
other disciplines especially medicine) are even prepared to listen to the
questions it raises. Even if Tobias was speaking only for himself that
claim has been scuppered.

I entirely agree that accounts of the meeting from others who were
present would be very valuable. I look forward to hearing from them.
If we hear nothing about it from any of them, that will be significant