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Cl> From: (Thomas Clarke)
Cl> Newsgroups: sci.anthropology.paleo
Cl> Subject: Re: The straw man.
Cl> Date: 17 Nov 1995 14:17:48 GMT
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Cl> I urge you to keep an open mind then, might not part of A. afarensis'
Cl> behavior have involved some wading?

Of course, but that would *not* be the AAT, as I have explained
more than once lately; it would be quite different.

Cl> I was thinking this morning as I drove in, and wondered if anyone had
Cl> ever done statistical analysis of fossil frequencies.

No, they just eye-ball them and stick 'em in a drawer... ;-)

Yes, there's a lot of statistical analysis going on, although I'm
not sure that what it sounds like you'd like to find out can be
found out from it. It's sure not my strong suit, but I think
others here know more about the specific techniques. I'd think
a major problem for figuring out what you want to know is the
differential rate of fossilization -- that is, that some animals
would be more likely to get fossilized due to their habits
(i.e., lots of pigs, many fewer hominids).

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