Re: Repost on predation

chris brochu (
22 Nov 1995 01:54:28 GMT

In article <> Paul Crowley, writes:
>Hunt what? Most prey will see them and run. Maybe from clear
>waters crocodiles can catch prey at night, or grab desperately
>thirsty or sick animals. But daytime hunting in clear waters
>could not normally provide a means of sustenance.

Then explain the large birds I've seen them catch in clear water in broad
daylight. For that matter, I've seen film of C. porosus in clear water
catch wallabies.

>> Crocs are rare (though not entirely absent) from the Red Sea today, but
>> they are ubiquitous in Plio-Pleistocene deposits in the region, including
>> the Arabian peninsula. Their rarity in the Red Sea appears to be a
>> recent phenomenon.
>The Red Sea is a deep rift valley in a high plateau. That's what
>it has always been. It also has high salinity. "Deposits in the
>region" are irrelevant unless they're actually in that valley.
>And they're not.

Actually, they are. Perhaps not submerged today, but within the rift.

>(BTW what was your post doing in a "tautology" thread?)

No idea. That's where the server decided to send it.