Re: Bell Curve and IQ

H. M. Hubey (
20 Nov 1995 21:57:58 -0500 (HARRY R. ERWIN) writes:

>didn't understand the scientific method. I'm beginning to learn how to
>develop scientific hypotheses--"a statement of a possible generalization
>or cause and effect relationship that is to be tested." The ideas are
>important, but so is the explicit testability.

I think this 'scientific method' business has to be packaged
carefully. It's like formalization. I think of formalization
as serialization. THe thinking process may take place in
parallel (as a gestalt) and the whole `picture' may pop
up at once (after lots of drudgery) but it has to be then
put into formal (serial) form in order to be considered
rigorous. It seems that the "scientific method" is also some
kind of a formal idea, and not really the way it's really done.


Regards, Mark