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Tue, 21 Nov 1995 03:13:47 GMT (H. M. Hubey) raged:

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>>Neoteny is one example of a phenomena known as heterochrony. The
>>timing of developmental events is altered. In the case of neoteny,
>>juvenile features are retained into the adult stage of development.

>That's great. Now you've given some names --Latin names, of
>course-- and now I'm supposed to be impressed.

The only latin name I provided was heterochrony. Neoteny was yours.

>What have you explained?
>What was the question?

I have explained what neoteny is, which is what you asked.

>>The explanation generally invoked is neoteny.

No. You just phrased the question so it would sound circular. Many
of the differences between modern humans and apes seem to be the
result of neoteny.

There is still no determinism unless you are talking about the
deterministic nature of ontogenetic processes. Ernst Mayr wrote an
excellent essay on teleologic processes in biological system. Would
you like a citation? It might help clear up some of your confusion.


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