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J. Moore (
Mon, 20 Nov 95 17:42:00 -0500

In article <> Paul Crowley, writes:
>The Red Sea is croc-free. Crocodiles need turgid water, which comes
>from rivers, estuaries or swamps. The Red Sea has none of these.
>I've posted this many times.

CB> You can post it all you want - it will still be incorrect.

Paul seems to adopting this as his primary mode of discourse:
make a statement without checking it, offer no references, and
repeat it until it becomes true in spite of the facts. I believe
the crowd terms this "Argumentum ad Assertion Repetitio
ad Nauseam"; it is unfortunately a common part of the AAT

CB> I have personally seen crocodiles successfully hunt in clear water. They
CB> DO NOT need turgid water. Sorry.

CB> Crocs are rare (though not entirely absent) from the Red Sea today, but
CB> they are ubiquitous in Plio-Pleistocene deposits in the region, including
CB> the Arabian peninsula. Their rarity in the Red Sea appears to be a
CB> recent phenomenon.
CB> chris

God, Paul, don't ya just hate those facts?

BTW, I just found out today that prehistorically crocs were also present
in at least one of those presently croc-free east African lakes.

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