Language evolution in early hominids?

Michael McBroom (McBroom)
20 Nov 1995 04:45:49 GMT

The subject of language co-evolving with hominids seems to be an old
one that has acquired new life in recent years. As a linguist just
beginning graduate studies, and a person who has developed a
fascination for hominid evolution, I'm interested in tying these
fields of study together, hopefully as a specialty. My interest
specifically lies in language acquisition in early hominids, although
I realize the fossil evidence avaiable to support much discussion one
way or the other is still of an extremely limited nature.
Nevertheless, any detailed further reading on the subject of a current
nature you may be able to offer would be greatly appreciated.

I understand the anatomist (?) Lieberman has written extensively on
the subject, as have others, but I'm not yet acquainted with their
work. I'm still working my way through books of a more general nature
regarding hominid evolution to get myself up to speed, such as Leakey
and Lewin's _Origins_Reconsidered_, and Tattersall's latest.


Michael McBroom
CSUF Linguistics