Re: Repost on predation

J. Moore (
Sun, 19 Nov 95 10:58:00 -0500

PC> The Red Sea is croc-free. Crocodiles need turgid water, which comes
PC> from rivers, estuaries or swamps. The Red Sea has none of these.
PC> I've posted this many times.

Oddly enough, never with any refs, nor have you offered any sort
of support for there not being crocodiles there during the period
in question, as opposed to today. It's possible, but why does
your theory, unlike any others, rate this special priveleged
position of being able to make whatever claims you want without
any sort of support?

PC> The plausible reasons for not remaining in trees on land are:
PC> (a) food (b) safety from land-based nocturnal predators.
PC> In other words: La Dolce Vita.

Why do we see no sign whatever of any adaptation to the massive
salt load we would have been dealing with in that environment?
Why do we instead see only those adaptations we might reasonably
expect from a terrestrial environment?

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