Re: Bell Curve and IQ

Daniel D Scripture (
18 Nov 1995 06:25:28 GMT

In article <> (H. M. Hubey) writes:
>I corrected some typos and created new files for the paper
>on IQ, Intelligence, and Heredity. If you use a browser,
>now you will be able to read it directly without printing
>it first.
>I also put compressed and uncompressed versions of the
>postscript files there.
>Good luck.
> Regards, Mark

Will some kind soul go take a look at Hubey's home page, and see just
what his agenda actually is, and post the results of their
investigation? I can't do this from home, and I have
other things to do at the office. I got in a pissing match with Hubey
a few months ago on, I think, sci.archeology, where he was saying
things about white people not marrying black people, to his
observations, etc. Ralph Holloway asked the right question a day or
so ago, I think, about just what he was trying to measure. Putting
these two items together in a thoroughly intuitive way (entirely
non-mathmatical) with the claim from Hubey a few days ago to the
effect that he was mathmaticizing sociology, my intuitions are getting
stronger. Poor sociology--IMHO it's already mathematicized to the
point of foolishness in many cases.

Hubey left sci.arch when we simply stopped responding to his
posts. (This may of course have been coincidence, or a considered
response on his part about the low level of intelligence of the
participants.) He showed up on this group shortly thereafter, much to
my disgust, but he had stopped posting the obvious 19th century
racism, interestingly.

So someone go take a look, please, who can do it easier than I can?
(It's hard for me to use the web even from my office equipment.)

Dan Scripture
UC Santa Cruz