Re: Non-human fossils?

Lorenzo Love (
19 Nov 1995 04:43:36 GMT (Jon_Paddon) wrote:
>Lorenzo Love ( wrote:
>: I'm writing a paper on "missing links" and I'm having trouble finding any
>: web resource on non-hominine primate fossils from the last 10 million
>: years. I know these are very rare, but there must have been some. I can't
>: even find any thing on Gigantopithecus and I know that there are fossils
>: of that. Can anyone refer me to a good website?
>: Thanks
>: Lorenzo Love
>How are you going to work the Gigantopithecus into the missing links
>argument? The accepted theory is that Giganto' broke off in its own line
>seperate from the other hominids. I'm just curious.
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Gigantopithecus is just an example of a non-hominine fossil which I known
exsists. What I'm mainly looking for is info on chimp and gorilla fossil.
Are there any? Part of my paper has to be on the popular misconception of
Bigfoot as a missing link and Gigantopithecus may enter into that because
many true believers think Bigfoot=Gigantopithecus.
Lorenzo Love