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> Brace yourselves. The NY Times reports today the discovery of a new
> mandibular fragment dated at roughly 1.9 million years, at Longgupo Cave,
> Sichuan, China. This, if confirmed, strongly suggests that an early
> hominid species left Africa and a much earlier date than previously
> suspected(actually, there have been a few souls who believed this). The
> same sediments also yielded a hammerstone and a "large battered flake".
> The teeth are claimed to be more primitive than any known Asian Homo
> erectus finds. Homo ergaster or another species of early Homo (possibly
> habilis) are suggested. the premolar has a double root like H. ergaster.
> There is supposed to be a report in today's Nature (journal). Given the
> new dates from Indonesian reported last year and the Dmanisi jaw and
> tools from Georgia at 1.8 million years ago, there is surely growing
> support for an early out of Africa scenario...
> Ralph Holloway

That sort of fits in with Lee Talbot's early date for fire use (and the
human role in grassland maintenance).

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