Re: Bell Curve and IQ

H. M. Hubey (
18 Nov 1995 18:37:46 -0500 (Daniel D Scripture) writes:

>other things to do at the office. I got in a pissing match with Hubey
>a few months ago on, I think, sci.archeology, where he was saying

and you were doing all the pissing.

>stronger. Poor sociology--IMHO it's already mathematicized to the
>point of foolishness in many cases.

Poor sociologists, doomed to talk nonsense because they're
incapable of arithmetic :-).

>Hubey left sci.arch when we simply stopped responding to his


>posts. (This may of course have been coincidence, or a considered
>response on his part about the low level of intelligence of the

Yeah.. yours especially :-)..

He showed up on this group shortly thereafter, much to
>my disgust, but he had stopped posting the obvious 19th century
>racism, interestingly.

Stupid, you don't understand anything, do you.

I knew I had to pegged right, from the first moment you
started babbling nonsense on sci.archaeology.

>So someone go take a look, please, who can do it easier than I can?

Yep. It will be a lot easier than for you to do it. You'll
be unable to read it or understand for about a decade judging
from your low level of reading comprehension.

If I knew you were more intelligent, I'd accuse you of libel
but I know that's not the case.


Regards, Mark