Re: New Chinese Hominid

David Froehlich (
Fri, 17 Nov 1995 13:21:26 -0600

On 17 Nov 1995, Alex Duncan wrote:

> The article
> I saw had a picture of someone's hand holding some of the teeth. The
> hand was either VERY small, or the teeth were quite large. Obviously,
> it's dangerous to attempt scaling from such a photo, but the impression I
> got was that the teeth were far too large to have belonged to the smaller
> habiline taxon, and were more likely to have belonged to the larger one,
> to which current consensus applies the taxon label "H. rudolfensis".

I saw the same picture in the local paper here and my impression was that
the teeth were of a variety of taxa. At least one of the large teeth was
a bovid molar. Probably the picture was of a representative sample out
of the cave rather than hominid remains.

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