Re: whale brains

H. M. Hubey (
15 Nov 1995 23:20:44 -0500

Julian Treadwell <> writes:

>>I must admit these creationists must give you guys the fits.
>>Why is it so difficult to silence them? Do you see them
>>fighting Quantum Mechanics and claiming that there are
>>no electromagnetic fields? NO? Why not?
>The answer to that is obvious - because Quantum Mechanics and
>Electromagnetic theory don't conflict with the Bible, which they hold to
>be absolute truth.

I guess you haven't run into my kind of creationists :-)..

I've seen them fight the Second Law of Thermodynamics and
take pot shots at Quantum Mechanics, because

1) they don't like that life just rose out of nothing and that
there's a tendency towards disorder. That to them means that
life should not have arisen. Hence thermodynamics is wrong.
Since physics is wrong, so screw science.

2) they don't like the uncertainty and indeterminism in QM because
God determines everything. otherwise he'd not be omnipotent.

IT all depends on how sophisticated they are. They are getting


Regards, Mark