Re: Alex's gibbon-like CA

H. M. Hubey (
15 Nov 1995 23:14:16 -0500 (Phil Nicholls) writes:

>predator-prey relationships. The equations for modeling competitive
>interactions were developed by Gause and Witt. Competive exclusion
>itself is derived from empirical data collected in experiments by

Don't we know by now that deterministic equations for living
things is always an approximation and that they should never
be used exactly in the same sense either as axioms of math or
equations of physics?

That's what I said.

>which will provide the a basis for competition. The experiments by
>Gause and others show that competition usual results in the extinction
>of one of the competing species. Other option is co-evolution and
>niche partitioning.

Excuse me? :-)..

Let's be consistent. If I make up deterministic equations or
pretend to make them up, you start to scream, if you read it
sometime ago in the literature and your friends say so, then
just because they are mathematical models and you've seen
them around a lot longer than a few days, bingo! It's OK.

You can give it a nice name and post on USENET and
defend it to death.

Is that how it works?


Regards, Mark