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15 Nov 1995 19:51:36 GMT

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Thanks for the explanation.

> To get ventral/dorsal for arms: stand w/ arms at sides, hands facing
> palms forward -- all surfaces now facing forwards are ventral, those
> facing backwards are dorsal.

I guess that makes sense. If you were quadrapedaling, you palms
would be down making the top side of the forearms be the ventral side.

> As far as fat on the forearms goes -- I
> really doubt that's what you're pinching. Skin itself is often several
> mm thick.

Whatever it is, it seems to have a structure. The thin surface
layer then another layer, thicker on the ventral, thinner on the dorsal
skin. I'll have to get out my Gray's Anatomy. I don't remember
if it has diagrams of fat layers.

Tom Clarke