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Tue, 14 Nov 95 16:58:00 -0500

>In one book, someone claims that the Neandertals did not make
>use of salmon during the spring salmon run. How does he know

PN> He doesn't and his statement has no more validity than yours (aside
PN> from the fact -- and I could very well be wrong about this -- salmon
PN> is found only in North America.
PN> Phil Nicholls

Salmon are found in Europe (the Scots will tell you Atlantic
salmon is better than Pacific, but who knows); Pacific salmon
spawn in the fresh waters of North America's west coast (and I
would assume Asia's), while Atlantic salmon spawn in the fresh
waters of Europe and along the northeastern seaboard of North
America as well as through the regions of the Great Lakes (we
this year had our first salmon run in years in the Don River in

I'm sure Neandertals ate salmon, as just about anything which ever
eats meat does so during and after the spawning runs, when dead
and dying salmon litter the shoals and banks of every stream they
spawn in.

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