Re: Specification for theories on human evolution

Alex Duncan (
15 Nov 1995 01:43:12 GMT

In article <> Paul Crowley, writes:

>The proposed theory (the XXT) should set out the same kind of
>explanation as would be provided for the generation of any species.

For the most part, paleontologists don't run around trying to explain how
new species are generated. The explanation appeared over 100 years ago,
and everyone seems pretty satisfied with it (at least in general terms).

And a suggestion. Before I or anyone else wastes anytime trying to
fulfill Crowley's somewhat misguided "specifications", I suggest that
Paul provide for us an explanation of how AAH fulfills his requirements.
I also suggest that these ideas should be "backed-up" with information
from comparative primate anatomy and behavior, and the fossil record for
hominid evolution. In other words, a "plausible" scenario won't do
(otherwise the subterranean hominid model would fit) -- it has to fit
what we know about the anatomy and behavior of modern primates (and
mammals in general, actually), and what we know about the fossil record.

Alex Duncan
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